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Monte Carlo Super Slims Silk (Central EU Made)

Made in: Central Europe

Monte Carlo Super Slims Silk cigarettes is a cigarette brand made by Japan Tobacco International.Established in 1999 as an operating division of the Japan Tobacco Group, Japan Tobacco International is based in Switzerland. Monte Carlo cigarettes are very popular in Switzerland, Monaco, Colombia, Mexico, Emirates, Germany and USA.

Tar: 1 mg
Nicotine: 0.1 mg

Each carton contains 10 packs x 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

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Monte Carlo Super Slims Silk Cigarettes (Central EU Made)

  Quantity Our Price Per carton  
20 US$ 440.00 US$ 22.00  You save US$ 100.00  
15 US$ 368.00 US$ 24.53  You save US$ 37.00
9 US$ 230.00 US$ 25.56  You save US$ 13.00  
6 US$ 156.00 US$ 26.00  You save US$ 6.00  
3 US$ 80.00 US$ 26.67  You save US$ 1.00  
1 US$ 27.00 US$ 27.00