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Gitanes Blondes (Light) (EU Made)

Made in: EU

The quintessential French experience! With its distinctive tang, Gitanes Brunes Filter Cigarette will bring a traditional French flavor to your palate. Available with or without filter. The name Gitanes means "Spanish gypsy women", and as such, a silhouette of a gypsy woman with tambourine appears as the box-art. As you enjoy the taste of a Gitanes Blondes (Light) cigarettes, you can see her dancing in the smoke.

Each Carton contains 10 packs x 20 Cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

This product has a guaranteed point of manufacture within the European Union, however, we cannot guarantee the specific country.
Products may be distributed from countries outside of the European Union.

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Gitanes Blondes (Light) Cigarettes (EU Made)

  Quantity Our Price Per carton  
20 US$ 500.00 US$ 25.00  You save US$ 100.00
15 US$ 382.00 US$ 25.47  You save US$ 68.00  
10 US$ 260.00 US$ 26.00  You save US$ 40.00  
6 US$ 162.00 US$ 27.00  You save US$ 18.00  
4 US$ 112.00 US$ 28.00  You save US$ 8.00  
2 US$ 58.00 US$ 29.00  You save US$ 2.00  
1 US$ 30.00 US$ 30.00